Friday, September 21st, 2018

Divine Wellness

Case Study For Divine Wellness

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Kim Edmundson of Divine Wellness provides personalized health care services, including intolerance testing, BIE and nutritional consultation. She offers a wide range of products to help her clients maintain their optimal health potential.

Vincent Optical - LaptopThe Challenge

The client did not have a website when they first approached us. At the time, the business was just starting out and they needed us to create their corporate identity. This meant deciding upon colours and a logo, as well as the website itself. Additionally they wanted the website to have a signup form for their newsletter which was run by a third party.

Vincent Optical - TabletThe Solution

We discussed with the client various colour choices, logo ideas and website layouts. This gave us a very good starting point in regards to the visuals. The client wrote their own content and presented it to us, which we could then add to the site.



We created the logo using natural green colours, and used those same colours for the website. Stock photography was used to sprinkle colourful images on all the pages. The images were laid out in a vertical column, overlapping each other at various angles.



Since the client wrote all the text for their website, we only needed to sort it into appropriate pages. Some minor changes were applied where necessary. We added external links to the client’s affiliate programs which were on other third-party websites.

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The client had an online newsletter which was hosted by a third-party company. We added an online signup form on the website which integrated with the newsletter system.


Client Tools

The client was provided with the capability to log into an administrative area of the website where they are able to make changes to the content of the site as much as they want. The website was created as a fully responsive site, which means that it can be viewed on any device and still display properly and in a readable format. This includes anything from small mobile phone screens to super large desktop monitors.


Kim EdmundsonI would like to thank Gunther at Gecko Websites for the great job he did designing my web site and logo. I am very happy with the overall service I received from Gecko Websites starting with my very first phone call. I had very little knowledge about web sites and did not know what I wanted or even what was involved in getting a web site designed and created. Gecko Websites made the process very simple and worked tirelessly with me, making my overall experience very pleasurable. They were always eager to please, easy to get in touch with and quick to respond to any of my questions or concerns. I would also like to mention that their prices were extremely reasonable. I love my website! Thank you!!!

Kim Edmundson