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Think of videography as a step above photography. Not only do you have moving pictures, but there’s also sound and titles and special effects too. A short video can contain so much information, which many find easier to digest than reading pages of text. Add some background music or an advertising jingle and your video will be well remembered by your audience. A video can also set the tone of your company, product, presentation or introduction. It’s much more clear to see the difference between a serious corporate entity and a quirky startup for example.

Videography is much more than simply recording video. There’s an entire strategy that is built into every final product. That may include such items as creating an intro, outro, background music, special effects, and of course hours of editing to create the final video. It’s important to have all the various aspects flow together to create an emotion and send a strong and memorable message to your audience.

What Should Your Video Be About?

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Videography Topics

It could be anything from a simple introduction to your company, to showcasing your products, introducing your staff, customer testimonials, and so much more. A good place to start is usually with an interview with the company representative. We simply have a discussion with you in a relaxed atmosphere and ask you a number of questions regarding the message that you want to get out to the public.

During the editing stage, we remove the questions, so that the final video only shows you speaking. This allows your audience to get a better feeling about who you are, and what the values of your company are. It builds familiarity and trust, which leads to contacts and sales. For additional credibility, we can also interview some of your customers and show their video testimonials in between your speaking segments.

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