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We require you to have the following items in place.

You Have Goals

It's important for us to know where you currently stand, and where you want to get to. Having clearly defined goals is a must, in order for us to work on your project. If you don't have clearly defined goals, we can assist by providing business consultation before we start your project.

You Have an Audience

You either already have a sizeable audience, or you are prepared to build one. Building an audience will require dedication to a number of activities. This may include items such as blogging, social media, newsletters, interviews, white papers, presentations, speaking, education and much more.

You Have Passion

Building up an audience is a lot of time-consuming work. That can be quite challenging. Passion on your part is required to keep going when things aren't working out perfectly. Optimism and forward-thinking is key. You must be able to keep your excitement level high when working with us.

You Have a Team

There will be a lot of work to complete on your side. This includes creating content in the form of text, pictures, videos, and more. You will need a team. It could be as simple as a virtual assistant, or a full content production team. Either way, you’re going to need assistance in order to complete the project.

You Have a Budget

In order for your project to succeed, you will need to invest money into it. There's no way around it. We take our craft very seriously and we don't cut corners. Running out of funds during the project is not an option. You need to have the finances in place before we can begin working on your project.

You Have Time

If we work together, we will demand 100% of your undivided attention to our requests. We have our processes and timelines set up specifically for your benefit. We expect you to follow them. We choose our clients very carefully, and we do fire them if they don't keep up with project timelines.

If you have the above items in place and feel confident about moving forward, click the apply button below.

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