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Our hosting servers are located in massive facilities where they are professionally managed for us. There are multiple levels of physical and software security in place to provide maximum protection. All our servers are backed up as well. We use Linux servers and the cPanel website hosting control panel, which is the most trusted website hosting software there is.

While we usually manage our clients’ website hosting accounts for them, you also have full access as well. This allows you to fine-tune and manage it on your own if you should choose to do so.

Website Hosting Features

Website Hosting Features - Gecko Websites

Use the Best Software in the Industry

The feature list is extensive and includes all the same features that you will find at any website host. First off, you have access to the entire cPanel features. Nothing is hidden and nothing costs extra. You can create email accounts, FTP accounts, databases, and more. You can tweak the anti-spam settings and install a number of popular software titles with a one-click installation via Softaculous.

We have some additional customizations on our servers too! Backups of your entire website hosting account are done on a regular basis. These backups are stored in multiple off-site locations.

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