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Complexities Simplified

Don’t be hesitant to feature e-commerce on your website. While it may sound like a very big, scary and expensive component, it really isn’t. The latest e-commerce software solutions allow for easy point-and-click configurations. We can take care of setting everything up for you so that you have all the features you need. After that, you can manage your products and store on your own, or we can do so for you.

The e-commerce software allows us to create a multitude of complex store options. That means that you get exactly what you want so that your store is run your way. Are you concerned about complex tax situations covering multiple tiers? We can take care of that! Do you need to have inventory management? No problem! How about international shipping charges? Yes, we do that too!

Make e-Commerce Easy For Your Customers

Make e-Commerce Easy For Your Customers - Gecko Websites

Give Your Customers Options

There are so many options that you can have integrated into your online store. However, one key point is to make the shopping experience simple and enjoyable for your customers. You may want to include product ratings and reviews by your customers. Let them see what your top sellers are. Provide discounted pricing for different groups. Create all kinds of different promotions, such as free shipping when they spend a certain amount. Show off your products with multiple pictures. If you’re selling downloadable content, make it immediately available to your customers as soon as payment has been completed.


Look through many different kinds of reports so that you get the full picture of how your online store is doing. View individual customers, products, buying habits and more. You can also download all this information into a CSV file and work with it in Excel. Based on the reports you may decide to upsell or cross-sell certain combinations of products.

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