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Customized and Managed Solutions For You!

Customized and Managed Solutions with Gecko Websites


What are customized and managed solutions? The “customized” part means that we create solutions that are meant specifically just for you. We don’t try and fit you in a box along with everyone else. The “managed” part means that we take care of not just creating ideas, but that we also implement them, and then manage them on an ongoing basis. We don’t leave you stranded with partial success.


We start off with discoveries, by having a discussion with you to find out what your goals are. We also learn who your target market is, and what you expect your website and online marketing to achieve for you. Finally, we want to know what online and offline systems you currently have in place, and who our main contact person will be within your organization.

Design and Development

Design and Development - Gecko Websites


During the design phase, we ask you for any design work you currently have, and if anything needs to be changed. We get your exact colours, fonts, and layout styles that you prefer. We also ask that you look at other websites and advertising campaigns and let us know which ones you like and why. Finally, we create an initial draft based on your feedback. This is a starting point to work from.


This is where we put it all together. It includes your print advertising and all the programming to make your website work the way you want it to. We create the features you requested and use the design we created for you to brand it for your company.


In order to provide you with truly customized and managed solutions, we ensure that we get the “solution” part right! In other words, we want to achieve the results you need to achieve your goals.

Customized and Managed Solutions by Gecko Websites

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