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The Consultation Process

We believe that you should get the individual attention and consultation that is needed to get your website and online marketing done right. We understand that trying to fit into a pre-made solution that is meant for the masses always leaves you feeling that something is missing. If you want to stick out from the crowd, you obviously have to do things differently than everyone else. That’s where our individual consultation comes in!

After the initial consultation, we dig deeper to learn more about your competition, what’s new and forecasted in your industry, as well as interesting trends and misconceptions.

The process is actually quite simple. We listen. We ask questions. We research and learn about you, your company, your clients, your industry and what you want to achieve. It’s all about you!

After acquiring this wealth of knowledge, we put together a plan which contains multiple options. We go over everything with you so that you understand exactly what the game plan is that we’re putting together for you. It gives you an opportunity to explore your options and to make informed decisions.

Consultation Topics

Getting Organized - Gecko Websites

Getting Organized

Whether you’re facing a large decision or a small one, we’re here to help put everything into perspective. From market research and branding to development and implementation, we are your partner.

You may have heard about something that your competition is doing that sounds interesting. Perhaps a friend suggested that you try a certain product, service, or marketing angle.

Either way, you want to be sure that you’re making the right decision before committing to investing your time, money and energy into a new endeavour. We’re here for you to bounce ideas off of. We can use our resources and decades of experience to help you see the whole picture, and truly understand many of the hidden variables that you may not be aware exist.

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