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There are two different methods which you can use to setup your email account. One is called "POP" (aka POP3) and another is "IMAP". Which one you choose depends on how you want to access your email. The main difference between the two is that POP removes the messages from our mail servers and places them on your device, while IMAP leaves the messages on our mail servers and allows you to view them.

Normally you would have a computer which is used as your main device, and it would be setup with POP. Your mobile device would be setup with IMAP. The result is that while on the road, you can view and reply to messages as they come in. When you get back to your computer, all those messages are then downloaded to your computer, including the ones that you may have already deleted while on your phone. This means that your computer will be setup as your main base and will receive everything.

The iPhone mail program has a feature which enables you to use POP, but still leaves the messages on the mail server. After setup, you need to go back into the settings and configure it to never remove deleted messages. This allows you to setup your iPhone with POP, and still have your base computer able to receive all the messages.

Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up your email account on your iPhone using POP. Obviously you need to replace the sample name (John Doe) with your own name. You will also need to replace the sample domain name ( with your own domain name. In these settings, ensure that the email account doesn't have any capital letters in it.

Once done and using the account for the first time, you may run into an error messages which states "Cannot Verify Server Identity". If that happens, there are some buttons available which provide you with some options on how to continue. Simply click on "Continue". If this happens, it should only happen once.

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iPhone Email Setup

  • Settings
  • Mail, Contact, Calendars
  • Add Account…
  • Other
  • Add Mail Account
    • Name: John Doe
    • Email:
    • Password: password
    • Description: John Doe
  • Next
  • POP
    • Incoming Mail Server - Host Name:
    • Incoming Mail Server - User Name:
    • Outgoing Mail Server - Host Name:
  • Save
    • Cannot Connect Using SSL …: Yes
  • Settings
  • Mail, Contact, Calendars
  • John Doe
  • SMTP
  • Use SSL: Off
  • Authentication: Password
  • Back
  • Done
  • Back
  • Advanced
  • Deleted Messages - Remove: Never
  • Back
  • Done
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