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The value of having your website integrated with analytics software cannot be overstated. The detailed level of information that can be learned about how your website is used by visitors is immense. Collecting and analyzing such data allows informed decisions to be made in regards to updates and changes.

What is arguably the best and most well-known website analytics software is provided by Google. When visitors are logged into their Google accounts while they browse your website, additional information is collected which brings an amazing amount of detail to your data. That is why we always integrate Google Analytics into our clients’ websites.

Two big advantages are that you can see how visitors use your website, and you can also track how much your website is used over time. Of course, there are a lot more features such as seeing where visitors are geographically located, what search terms they used to find your website, and how long they stayed. The list of advantages is much too long to include here!

Understanding the Data

It’s one thing to collect a bunch of data, but it’s an entirely different task to break it all down and understand it. That’s where we come in! We take care of the entire workload, from front to back. We set up a Google Analytics account for you and configure it. We then integrate it into your website. As the data starts to roll in, we check on it from time to time to see what is happening. Depending on your website, industry and goals, we can then put together strategies and plans to make the most of it.

We all know that knowledge is power. Understanding your position in the marketplace and how visitors interact with your website is crucial. Websites are the most effective marketing tools the world has ever seen, but that’s only true if they’re properly used to their full potential!

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