Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Site Builder

Site BuilderBuild It Yourself With Site Builder

Site Builder is our free online website builder and editor. It’s included with all our website hosting accounts. You can log into Site Builder and quickly create your own website without ever having to see a single line of computer code. Everything is designed to function via “point-and-click”. Even the most novice user will feel at ease.

Once your website has been built, you can log in as often as you wish and make as many changes to your website as you like. You can even change the entire appearance, color scheme, pictures, text and anything else you can think of. Even though you start out by using one of our more than 370 templates, they are all completely customizable!


Try out our online demo of Site Builder. You will be able to select a graphic template and create pages. Once you have an active hosting account with us, you can continue on and add content, as well as edit the entire website.


  • Over 370 templates
  • Add/edit templates for full customization
  • Add/edit/remove pages
  • Add/edit/remove menu items and sub menu items
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Code editor
  • Meta tag control
  • Google Analytics
  • Contact form
  • Photo gallery
  • News items
  • Polls


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Introduction: This page displays an overview of the steps required to build your website.
Step 1: Enter your domain name, username and password for your website hosting account.
Step 2: Choose the template you want to use.
Step 3: Add your contact information and the pages that you want to start out with. You can always add more pages later and make as many changes as required.
Installation Completed: Once your new site has been created on your website hosting account, you are provided with links to the admin control panel.
View Your Website: Your new website is already up and running as soon as the installation process has completed. However, you still need to add content to the individual pages.
Login: This is the login screen which gets you into your admin control panel. The website address is
Admin Control Panel: The main page in the admin control panel provides an overview of all the features.
Edit A Page: There are various settings for each page in your website, and you have a “point-and-click” interface for adding and editing the content of your pages.
Edit A Menu: You can create/edit/remove menus and submenus (drop-down menus).